Six Things: My dear cousin’s heartbreak

The opioid class of painkillers is so effective because they intercept pain messages to the brain, bringing relief to people experiencing severe or constant pain. In mitigating this pain, these medications bind to brain receptors, affecting voluntary functions such as breathing and heart rate. Conventional research indicates that it takes only a couple of weeksContinue reading “Six Things: My dear cousin’s heartbreak”

Six Things – The Girlfriend Legacy

I am embarrassed to admit that I have never had a lot of close girlfriends. Maybe it’s because I’m skeptical about why someone would befriend me. Every time I start to get close to someone, I retreat because no, I don’t want to buy those leggings you sell. I don’t want to come over andContinue reading “Six Things – The Girlfriend Legacy”

Love in the Time of Corona: Six Places

Author’s note: I apologize to the late Gabriel García Márquez for blatantly co-opting the title of his masterpiece novel. However, in these times, I felt it was necessary. I want to devote this installment of Six Things to some of the people who are doing their part to keep us fed, caffeinated, spiritually enriched, physicallyContinue reading “Love in the Time of Corona: Six Places”

Six Things – I was sacked

When someone asks me to explain my vision for Six Things, I explain this blog as an interview in reverse. I start with the six things that the subject (contributor) really wants us to know about his or her situation, vocation, or avocation, and then I ask for more context. So, you tell me thatContinue reading “Six Things – I was sacked”